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Rome Independent Cinema Festival

Rome Independent Cinema Festival is a fresh film Festival showcasing new talents and upcoming filmmakers.

Drawing inspiration from Rome’s cinematic history and artistic atmosphere, RICF comes to contribute to the city’s cultural scene with gems from independent cinema. Rome still remains the heart of Italian film, with a large community of industry people and cultured cinema fans alike, which makes it the perfect setting to celebrate the diversity of independent cinema.

Aiming to promote diversity in the film industry and create an open connecting platform where all are welcome, the Rome Independent Cinema Festival is a free event.

Our screening programme features fiction films and documentaries of all genres. All filmmakers regardless of background are welcome to submit their creations.

Growing year by year, our initiative is to merge a cultural, inspiring program with an entertaining event, where the audience will experience a unique cinematic experience while having a fun evening and meeting like-minded people.

The Rome Independent Cinema Festival is organised by HFP, a pioneer organisation that runs Film Festivals and other events showcasing and championing ideas of diversity. Through our global series of film Festivals that spread over 13 countries, we open the path to voices with a compelling story to share. Our main mission is to honour independent cinema and establish a network of artists eager to join forces and spread their work across all nations. HF runs 25 film Festivals worldwide.