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Close:Up Reykjavík Film Festival

Reykjavík Film Festival is an online film festival that brings indie short films to everyone’s screens. Our goal is to create a diverse streaming platform with screenings that run the gamut from documentary and fiction to music video and experimental. We strongly believe that short films are a powerful medium that can transfer strong messages and spark conversations and ideas.

Submit your creations in the different categories and share your story with us! Can’t wait to see the world through your eyes.

The Close:Up Reykjavík Film Festival is organised by HFP, a pioneer organisation that runs Film Festivals and other events showcasing and championing ideas of diversity. Through our global series of film Festivals that spread over 13 countries, we open the path to voices with a compelling story to share. Our main mission is to honour independent cinema and establish a network of artists eager to join forces and spread their work across all nations. HF runs 25 film Festivals worldwide.