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How has the coronavirus outbreak affected video streaming services?

 Numerous surveys on consumer behavior claim that the digitalization of consumption1 is revolutionizing the media and entertainment industry, a fact that became evident during the COVID-19 crisis.

What does the increase in video on demand registrants indicate during the pandemic?

Video streaming platforms appear to have experienced a significant increase in use since February, when the pandemic began. In the United States, about 30% of the consumers reportedly signed up for at least one new video streaming service2, while in the United Kingdom 3 million people subscribed for the first time to a streaming service3. It is no surprise that people massively turned to video streaming platforms during the lockdown as they could now access their favourite films anytime, using the device of their preference, from the comfort of their home.

In these times of isolation, many people experienced the unique value that films have as a form of art. Films became part of our everyday routine, as they were giving us a taste of the freedom we were all craving. We were able to move around, see new places, and experience different stories, without the need for a physical change of scenery. In other words, it was the escape from reality everyone needed because art has the power to take you places and free your mind of the restrictions placed upon us during this pandemic4.

Stay safe and keep watching films.