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Welcome to the World of Cinematic Learning

Embark on a journey of growth and creativity with our comprehensive education services, powered by our esteemed partner, FilmSkills. Here knowledge meets inspiration, and your passion for filmmaking takes center stage. Whether you’re an aspiring filmmaker, a seasoned professional, or simply a cinephile, our education modules are designed in collaboration with FilmSkills to elevate your skills and nurture your creativity.

Overview of Education Services

HFP Education is delivered in collaboration with our partner Filmskills

Our education services, in partnership with FilmSkills, are your gateway to unlocking new horizons in the world of filmmaking. From technical expertise to creative storytelling, our modules cover a spectrum of topics tailored to suit your interests and ambitions. By joining our courses, crafted by FilmSkills, you’ll gain exclusive insights, hands-on experience, and connect with a community that shares your passion.

231 Lessons

From development to distribution, you will learn every aspect of the filmmaking process from working Hollywood professionals.

Leading Instructors

Learn from over 150 Hollywood filmmakers, who have been honored with over 70 Academy Award and Emmy wins or nominations.

At Your Own Pace

Engaging videos, illustrated lessons, and quizzes let you learn online anytime and anywhere you want. Learn at your own pace.

Learn Professional Filmmaking Techniques from Master Filmmakers

Our professional online filmmaking courses have been produced with Emmy and Academy Award winning filmmakers, that combine in-depth videos based on industry best practices, constantly updating illustrated tutorials, downloadable resources, projects, and exercises. We deliver the content of a four-year film school for a cost less than a single semester. Whether you want to make better independent films, TV commercials, documentaries, or industrial videos, join the inner circle of master Filmmakers whose work has grossed tens of billions of dollars around the world.

231 Comprehensive Lessons

Our lessons are packed with current, in-depth information about each topic, making it easy to learn and absorb. From detailed on-set video tutorials and illustrated guides to downloadable contracts and forms, it’s all here.


Cinematography Camera and Lens Master Course​

If you want to create more cinematic content, the FilmSkills Cinematography Master Camera Course will teach you the gear and techniques used by leading cinematographers. We partnered with Emmy and Academy Award cinematographers to teach you how to master your camera and lens. ​

Cinematic Lighting Master Course​

Lighting is the single most important skill in achieving a professional, cinematic look to your footage. In this course, working Hollywood filmmakers teach you the tools, skills, and techniques to elevate your productions to the next level. I​

Breaking into the Film Industry Course

Learn how to break into the film industry with this incredible course. Over 100 A-list Hollywood filmmaking weigh in on challenges facing aspiring filmmakers, and how to overcome them to succeed in the industry. Whether you want to break into Hollywood or simply work in your local market, this course will teach you everything you need to know

Directing Master Course for Television and Movies Course

As a director, you are the master storyteller. It is your job to interpret the script into a visually entertaining story that can be produced within the time and budgetary restrictions of the production. In the FilmSkills Directing Master Course for Television and Movies, you will learn from over a dozen internationally recognized TV and film directors.

Audio Recording Course

George Lucas famously said that the sound is the other half of the movie-going experience, and a good audio track will engage the audience as much as poor audio will push them away. In the FilmSkills Audio Recording Course, you will learn the step-by step approach to recording high-quality audio on set.

Editing Course

In the FilmSkills Editing Course, Emmy-winning television and film editors take you inside the process and psychology of film editing. Learn how to properly shoot your footage on set to maximize your options in the editing room, when to cut from one shot to the next, how to choose your shot selection, how to work with the editor, and how to create the most emotion in each scene.

Audio Post-Production Course

George Lucas famously said that sound is the other 50% of the moviegoing experience. While bad sound can take your audience out of the moment, good audio will add to the emotion of the scene. In the FilmSkills Audio Post-Production Course, you will learn the entire process from editing dialogue and ADR to creating realistic Foley sounds.

150 Hours of On-Set Video Tutorials

In-depth video tutorials shot on Hollywood sets feature Emmy and Academy Award winning and nominated filmmakers. Chapterized for easy access.

Hundreds of Illustrated Articles

Packed with behind-the-scenes photos, anecdotes, and real-world tips and techniques, beautifully-illustrated articles bring difficult concepts to life.

Hundreds of Downloadable Resources

Download real documents from working TV and movie sets, plus hundreds of blank templates for use on your own productions.

Web Links

Discover the players in the industry from equipment vendors, staffing agencies, networks, studios, and production companies with our extensive list of online resources.

Who Can Benefit

Designed for Every Filmmaker

Whether you’re a budding filmmaker, a seasoned professional, or someone with a deep love for cinema, our education services, created by FilmSkills, are tailored to suit your needs. Regardless of your background or experience level, our modules are crafted to empower you on your unique filmmaking journey.

Used by over 125 film schools and film commissions

Learn from Industry Professionals

Your instructors have won or been nominated for over 70 Academy Awards, Emmys, BAFTAs, and Golden Globes. This is no ordinary film school. We partnered with industry leaders whose work is seen every day in TV shows and movies, from Stranger Things to the MCU. They generously share their knowledge and experiences with you through engaging, professional online filmmaking courses, revealing techniques to enhance your skills and shave years off your career path. From the teams behind Star Trek, Star Wars, Spiderman, Avatar, and dozens of other top productions, you will learn from the very people who define today’s television and motion picture industry.

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