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Resolutions for the New Year

2019 has been a long year.

As any startup, we’ve had our ups and downs, and this is especially true when you’re working with something you’re passionate about, but which is not the most profitable field in the world. 

Don’t get me wrong—working with films and up-and-coming filmmakers is definitely a dream come true for us, but even the dreamiest job can still bring you down. Many nights spent preparing our events and making sure both the filmmakers and the attending audiences are happy. Anxiously obsessing over every little detail that didn’t happen to rise to our expectations. Perhaps aiming to make everyone happy is a bit naive, but we’re all a bunch of perfectionists and that’s how we get up in the morning.

As taught by our mindfulness apps, we’re letting go of all the failures and successes of 2019, and looking towards 2020 with renewed motivation.

Why Resolutions?

There’s been a lot of talk in the blogosphere about the science behind New Year’s Resolutions (one of the more in-depth posts being Buffer’s analysis of why most resolutions fail), but the consensus seems pretty clear:

Resolutions have more chances of succeeding when they’re Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic and Time-Oriented. To anyone who has ever procrastinated by reading about how to stop procrastinating, this makes perfect sense.

HF Productions Team Members: What Are Their Resolutions? Are They SMART? Let’s Find Out!


Head of Production

Top professional resolution is to get the company an investor so we can have a strong influx of added support. 

Top personal resolution is to be more patient and in the present.



Festival Outreach Intern

I’m quite new to this company, so my top professional resolution is arranging my first film festival – ACFF – successfully. This would mean securing some sponsors, assembling a good jury panel, possibly receiving funds from foundations, and of course a well attended festival.

My top personal resolution for 2020 is submitting my master’s thesis before the end of the year.




Project Manager

Professionally, I would love to be involved in the production of a feature film.

As a personal resolution, I am willing to gain 2 more belts in Taekwondo.




Head of Operations

One of my main professional goals for 2020 is to attend more film industry events, in order to broaden my horizons and learn from all the inspiring people working in cinema.

In my personal life, I want to continue with my yearly reading challenge, but up the level to at least 25 books for next year. I’m also planning on challenging myself to try at least one new recipe every week in 2020.




Project & PR Manager

My professional resolution is to learn more international languages, and learn digital marketing.

My personal resolution is to travel more.





Professional: Become a better editor and gain a better understanding of venture finance. See the company open an office in LA.

Personal: Go more regularly to the gym and work on eating more healthy.




Distribution and Project Coordinator

Keeping up with HF Productions’ plans to start production in Jakarta, my professional resolution is to welcome new challenges and develop my skills in producing. 

On a personal level, I hope I can keep the resolution of exercising more (which I keep breaking every year).




Project Coordinator

Professionally, I’m hoping that I can help with the festival promotion. And personally, I want to star in one feature film.




PR intern

Professional: Learn more about video editing, expand my professional network.

Personal: Go back to piano lessons!



Branding & Social Media Manager

My professional resolution for 2020 is to develop my digital skills, learn more about UI/UX design and get started with 3D – and character design. 

As a personal resolution, I would like to become fluent in Danish in 2020.



Project Manager & Festival Coordinator

Professional: Research ways to make the work that we do more sustainable. In 2019, we managed to plant over 300 trees with the help of our filmmakers and that’s a great place to start, but there’s so much more we can do, as a company, to minimize our impact on the planet. 

Personal: Revive my abandoned documentary projects, and get back into pottery.

Looking forward to returning to this list in about 11 months, to see how we’ve all measured up.

Have you managed to come up with some concrete 2020 resolutions?